Life on th Edge, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

University Professors should stay in the back of the class, especially when the shooting starts.

Quick session event log (details to follow)
Starts with Bantha in the turret, Arroova under the Lucky Gundier, RX-78 shooting at a Rodian from the side and Ranharro – in the gunsights of 2, skilled, ruthless killers. Oops…

Lucky shot from Bantha disables the Firespray’s engines, and starts it spinning out of control.
Arroova goes to a computer station and starts to hack.
Ranharo provides covering fire, but gets covered by blaster fire himself.
RX-78 takes out one of the Rodians, and starts to work on another. A third runs around the back to search the secured cargo area for the message pod.

Arroova slices in , checks on the other Rodian with the camera system, then starts to try to hack the cargo repulse lift system to distract the two in front.

Two rounds convinces Ranharo he needs to take cover and he runs for the ship.

RX-78 takes heavy fire.

One rodian follows Ranharo to the ship. Ranharo and Bantha work together to ambush him. Ranharo takes his blaster rifle.

Master Com comes on line, security droids rush in and take everybody in for either arrest or questioning.

Party doesn’t quite convince the authorities they are innocent, even though they are mostly telling the truth. But they are released and get a free meal and a bath out of it (well, Ranharo gets the bath).

RX-78 wins 25 credits playing cards with one of the the nurses.

Off to their lodging for the night – Hal’s Galaxy Inn.




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