Life on th Edge, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Dorsal Mounted Quad Lasers are great for playing Asteroids!

But a little overkill for one Rodian!


Scene Opens: Arroova is up early to check on her repairs of the ship the following day. It was a busy day – she doesn’t remember ever having completed so many repairs of so many systems in a single day. They included 3 on her own ship but also repairs elsewhere in the Station. It was a good day.

As the others join her in the ward room, they plan their day. They have a little shopping to do, but decide they must come up with some way to prevent or fend off the attack on IsoTech expected to be conducted by the Yiyar clan, who apparently is also after the message pod form the Sa Nalaor.

RX-78s first thought that if the station has a droid junkyard, perhaps he can find some upgrades that Arroova can install. Alas, a search of star-google fails to find such a place on the station. There is no doubt a waste disposal system that could be looked for, but they have heard stories about the trash compactors that operate in such systems and decide to not risk being squashed to a refuse pancake. He does however pick up some good information on Cholganna, that they expect they will soon be visiting.

man_with_no_name.jpg As they go from Farlanders Outfitting, to Hals Part Shop and a clothing store, RX-78 seems intent on stealing something. It appears that becoming self aware has triggered a personality quirk – Kleptomania! But the security systems at the shops appear to be too alert. Bantha however buys him a blanket, cuts a hole in its center and creates a Serape. Perfect addition to his hat, and nicely down plays his dangerous nature when interacting with strangers. Ranharo buys a combat knife. But money is short and the group decides they can’t afford anything more – their array of blaster pistols will have to do.

They explore the Industrial deck where the IsoTech factory is, but see no entrance other than the employee entrance – but they do notice a suspicious Rodian in the area. Back on Hangar bay 24 they again notice a suspicious Rodian outside the IsoTech office.

Perhaps the Yiyar clan is planning their Raid on Isotech for any moment now! Haste is called for.

Obtaining clearance from Mastercom, the team exits The Wheel, supposedly on a shakedown cruise after repairs. Their real plan however is to fake an accident in the asteroid belt requiring g them to make an emergency landing in the Isotech landing bay, in the Isotech Factory on the Industrial deck, sector Besh. There they hope to intercept the attack by the Yinyar clan they expect will happen soon.

While in the asteroid field, the RX-78 and Bantha take advantage of the opportunity to get the feel for the ship, the Lucky Gundier. They make a few close passes on asteroids and Bantha uses them for target practice. Soon They learn why targeting g asteroids in a field is generally not such a good idea. When Bantha hits an asteroid, it fragments into many smaller pieces shooting off in many directions, which then hit other asteroids, fragmenting them in turn. The resulting chain reaction soon leads to the Lucky G dodging asteroid shrapnel in what is now a rain of asteroidettes coming from all directions. But RX-78 is either skilled, or just damn lucky, because he avoids potential collisions again and again. But since the plan was originally to fake an accident, he finally skillfully intentionally takes an impact on the dorsal surface of the ship, damaging plating and some minor electronics.

Heading back to the wheel, RX-78 sets a course timed to end at the IsoTech landing bay. Entering MasterComs flight control zone, Ranharo hails and reports a shipboard emergency. He reports their directional thrusters as damaged, and requests clearance for emergency landing at the landing bay their course will take them too, which just happens to be that of IsoTech. MasterCom relunctantly grants clearance, though notes that her visual scan of the ship does not seem to match their description of the damage.

DUM-pitdroid_negtd.jpgComing in hot, RX-78 screeches to a halt, the prow stopping inches from the head of a worker droid struggling to push a large container across the landing pad. The deck boss calls out to them, asking their business. When told they need time to fix their thrusters, he tells them they have two hours, but to stay with the ship and not stray into the rest of the landing bay.

Bantha and Arroova climb to the top of their ship and start to make repairs….slowly. RX-78 exists and tries to talk to the droid, who brushes him off. RX-78 attempts to talk the droid down from his anger at him, and offers to help him with the container.
Arroova, seeing an opportunity, jumps down from the ship and approaches the droids. When they start to push the container, she ducks down and hides behind the container as it moves toward the wall. When it reaches the wall, she scoots over a nearby data port and logs in. Meanwhile RX-78 is looking for something to steal – but nothing is close enough at hand. He finally settles for a mouse cleaning droid, which he scoops up from the floor as it passes by and hides it under his blanket serape.

As Arroova slices past the data security, a Firespray appears in the starfield of the entrance, coming in for a landing. It shoots at the side of the hangar opening, disabling the blast doors, locking them open, and causing the force field to start to fail. Arroova, shifts her attention to the hangars systems controls, patches a bypass to the force field control and powers it back on, preventing explosive decompression in the hangar. Meanwhile Bantha runs back into the ship, climbs into the turret and opens up on the Firespray. He misses, but the closeness of the beams cause the Firespray to dodge out of the way.

Arroova shifts her attention back to the IsoTech facility camera system and slices into its feed. She now can see the deck boss in the cargo bay next to the landing pad, but sees him turn at the sound of the Quad Gun. She tries to tie the camera system controls into her datapad for remote control, but finds that the security system blocks remote access. Trying to slice past it she realizes that the system has detected her meddling and is trying to trace her. She quickly sliences the trace.

As all eyes are focused on the Firespray threatening from outside the landing bay, a loud explosion is heard to the rear. Arroova sees a glimpse of a group of Rodians passing through a hole in the facilities freight turbo lift. The group passes through the rear entrance to the hangar bay. She sees 5 Rodians, two of which cut to their left into one cargo bay, one to the right to the other cargo bay, and two continue forward, blaster rifles in their hands.

Bantha quickly spins the turret to shift the quad laser to the interior of the landing bay. Switching off 3 of the 4 lasers and powering the remaining down to its minimum setting, he first a quick blast at one of the Rodians in the rear. It falls, its body blackened and smoking.

RX-78 and Ranharro meanwhile duck behind nearby pillars and line up on the Rodians in the front…..

….to be continued…..



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